LAST RACE RECAP: Larga vida a Baja (Long live Baja!)

What a race, the Ultra4 team as always did a fantastic job of setting up a challenging course and putting on a great and well-organized show.  This was the first race in our new Campbell IFS car, I had an absolute blast and learned a lot that will make the difference in the next race.  Granted this was not our race to land in a top spot, I got to learn the car, push it, and get very comfortable in it.  

Starting off for qualifying I knew I wanted to save the car, as this was my first race I was still unsure how it would react to certain situations and didn't want to cause damage before the main event.  I ran a solid pace qualifying at 14th position, saving the car.  I left the line on race day and ran a good lap, fighting some lap traffic and having no horn on the car (lost electrical to the ARB compressor) I was able to get around the course in 37 minutes.  I came out of lap 1, into lap 2 at 7th position (gaining 7 positions on lap 1), I kept in the throttle to keep my lead on my competitor behind me, and unfortunately threw an engine belt 1 mile out from Pit up a steep hill climb.  This led into an hour of getting the right wrenches, and me running on foot to the pit to borrow a jumper pack because the batteries died on the car during the belt change.  This I all attribute to not being used to the car, and knowing what tools were needed in certain circumstances.  Knowing this now however I will be much more prepared for our next race!

Once I got back on course, I ran a conservative pace (now being dead last out of 43 cars).  I continued fighting lap traffic with no horn, and then lost a tire on lap 3.  We ended up finishing at 21st position, which I can be happy with given the challenges we faced that day.  The car did excellent, it far exceeded my expectations and I cannot wait to have a clean race to see where we land!  I would like to thank all of my Sponsors that help make this possible, you guys are amazing and I am proud to represent you!


​There is a new racecar in the house!  And not just any racecar, a Campbell Enterprises IFS car!  Needless to say the team is very excited for this upcoming race season, and even more excited to take this proven car to KOH 2022. ​

WHAT'S COMING NEXT:  The next race we have up is the Ultra4 San Felipe 250!  It is very exciting to run the new Campbell IFS car!  A slightly new look for the new racecar will also be in store.

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