Pit Crew:

Richard Rasmussen

Douglas McCowan

Valerie McCowan

Ashlynn Bridges

​Philip Sully

Seth Hiett - Co-driver


Michael Day - Crew Chief

Thai Nguyen - Marketing Director

Matthew McCowan is the owner of MRM Racing and Fabrication, as well as the driver of the Jimmys MRM Racing #4409 Ultra 4 car.  Matthew has been involved in off-roading since a child, even learning to ride his bicycle on the lake bed the King of the Hammers is now held on (ironic, eh'?).  Even as a child Matt loved racing, rock crawling, and cars.  Now he is just the grown up version of that little kid, pursuing those passions.

Michael Day, The CHIEF!  Crew chief Mike is the head of the Team, he knows every nut and bolt on the car like Matt does.  He is also remarkable on fabricating and producing parts for the Race Cars on the team.  Mike is at every race and helps layout the game plan, from pit stops, to car prep, Mike is the man.

Seth has always had a passion for offroading, Dirt Bike riding, and general mayhem. Currently attends every race with Matt as acting co-driver.  We are not sure if he is insane, or likes the adrenaline rush.  Howver with the new single seat Campbell car, he has been promoted to Water boy.

Thai is the Marketing maniac!  If you are a part of our racing family, chances are you have spoken with Thai.  Thai has a passion for offroad racing, he spends a lot of his time Mountain Biking, exploring some awesome areas of the U.S. in his camper, and romping his Can-Am UTV in the desert.  

Matthew McCowan - Driver, Owner